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  •     Discover patterns in data as they emerge

  •     Deliver real time actionable intelligence

  •     Find patterns in documents & databases

  •     Realize Dramatic Productivity Savings


Virtual Analyst Intelligence Logic - V.A.I.L.

V.A.I.L. is a technology that finds patterns in databases, documents and other streams of data. Using a rules engine, V.A.I.L. can find occurrences of patterns (crimes, incidents, etc) in real-time. V.A.I.L. can find these patterns by proximity, date, time or any other factor that can be extracted from the data source.
VAIL is a non-invasive engine that sits along side existing IT systems as a value-add technology. VAIL inspects data, applies pattern matching logic and stores information in a global pattern repository. As patterns are identified in real-time, key stakeholders are made aware of their occurrence through alerts.

Identified patterns are presented to end users through a web based visualization and analysis tool. Here, the end user can view, analyze and disseminate pattern results as needed.

• Highly scalable and customizable pattern engine
• Preemptive pattern discovery (24 X 7)
• Find patterns and correlations in both databases and documents (Text, PDF, Word, etc.)
• Codifies best practices for analyzing intelligence and pattern identification
• Security model observes private and public access to sensitive data
• Information Extraction Subsystem with a rich Public Safety Ontology
• Spatial, Temporal and Fuzzy matching capabilities
• Plug-in architecture allows for addition of new matching algorithms
• Open geocoding interface
• Data sharing capabilities out of the box
• Graphical display of patterns through Link Analysis and Mapping features
• Expert search feature allows for the creation of custom pattern scenarios